TAM – Irish Midi Coach of the Year 2016    


The Emerald Isle is always keen to be green so it’s surely not a surprise that the Irish Midi Coach of the year 2016 Fleet, Bus and Coach, would be something special. Indeed something very special is needed when it comes to the twisty country roads of this beautiful country and the assurance of a design that will take care of the passengers and especially the school children that will use this, 10metre vehicle class.

We are more than able to produce a suitable midi vehicle of modern, innovative and elegant design, with right-hand drive, incorporating independent front suspension so it handles like a much bigger version and yet offers an extraordinary amount of luggage space.

It’s all in a days work here at TAM-EUROPE and there are no surprises that the Vive TH with its powerful and economic MAN power plant and utilising top European quality components from world-respected companies, turns out to be just the job.

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